4,000 Users
1 Server

Our current demo can support more than four thousand users with full-fidelity avatars (6-DOF, facial expressions, hand and finger tracking, inverse kinematics). It features server-mixed, life-like, stereoscopic, spatial audio, which means your audio bandwidth is constant no matter how many avatars are within earshot.

With WebXR, there's nothing to install or pre-download. Everything is streamed on demand. Roam around a 1 square km city filled with people and you'll be immersed in a world unlike anything you've ever experienced. All of this runs on one individual server, which happens to be more than six years old!


100,000 Users
24 Servers

Our encore demo features everything in the first demo, but with improved graphics, improved avatars, more users, and a much bigger city. No longer constrained by a single machine, the next iteration will use (approx.) 24 servers to provide a seamless 20 square km city for more than one hundred thousand concurrent users!

As unbelievable as all that seems, none of that is nearly as incredible as our new Activity Stack, which enables both coders and content creators to build massively scalable assets and games, and deploy them anywhere in the virtual world at runtime without any pre-downloads or installations.

We are currently courting developers with an aptitude for innovation who wish to test drive this new paradigm in RP1. If you're eager to participate in the cutting edge of metaverse development, please reach out to us on Discord.

We are giving demos of RP1 to prospective business partners and members of the press. If that's you, please contact us on Discord or via our contact page, whichever suits you best.
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