The Architecture of the Metaverse has Arrived

RP1 is a persistent, unsharded, real-time platform with infinite scalability.

The Planet's Population in One Virtual World

The RP1 Platform provides the foundational layer upon which the Metaverse will be built. We have created an infinitely scalable platform that can synchronously connect hundreds of millions of users to one another in a real-time, persistent virtual world, without the need for sharding. This capability solves the fundamental obstacle currently standing in the way of achieving a true Metaverse.

The RP1 Platform's architecture allows for 100% linear scalability of CPU, threading, memory utilization, and bandwidth. RP1 will synchronously host 100M concurrent users on less than 5,000 servers.

Green Code

The code of the RP1 Framework is so effecient it can help save the planet. Really.

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We haven't just mapped this journey, we're already on the road. See where we are and where we're headed.

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Infinite Scalability

The RP1 Framework supports an effectively infinite number of active users on fewer machines than you'd probably believe.

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